The school supply checklist seems to get longer every year, and while buying school supplies is no big deal for some families, for others, the supply list tests their budget. HAWC has been addressing this critical need by supporting our families and creating a culture of academic success by collaborating with our local community for over thirty years. Families, youth, businesses and community members have come together to donate necessary school supplies.


Through the years churches, families and civic organizations have done their part and have organized back to school drives. These supplies have served a 100 plus families each year and have made sure kids are ready for school. Parents have been supported by knowing that they will be providing for their children and have them ready for school.


As students start the school year, we will continue to collect supplies for our families through the beginning of September. We appreciate all the contributions that have already come in and the ones still arriving. We never know what kind of help a family may need when they seek our services. Some may have left everything behind while others may need just a little help.   Providing assistance around back-to-school supplies is one of the many ways that HAWC supports individuals and their children experiencing domestic violence. If you are interested in becoming more involved with HAWC please visit our website at