The escalation of domestic violence to a lethal level follows an identifiable pattern, with identifiable indicators: past behavior predicts future behavior. Assessing the risk in a relationship can save someone’s life.

The following are indicators of lethality. If any of these factors are present in your relationship, please consider working with HAWC so we can offer support with your safety.

  • Access to/ ownership of weapons
  • Strangulation or suffocation
  • Hostage- taking, abduction, or stalking
  • Threats of suicide/ homicide
  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol
  • Forced or pressured sex
  • Children from a previous relationship residing in the home
  • Threats to harm children
  • Obsessive/ extreme jealousy
  • Increase in severity and frequency of violence
  • Recent separation (within the year)
  • Person is unemployed
  • Belief that this person might kill them