This Thanksgiving morning there are two yoga studios in the North Shore who will come together to give thanks and do yoga.

Swallowtail Yoga includes beginning and ongoing students as well as teachers—people who like a strong practice, people who like a gentle practice, and everything in between. They experience community; we enjoy practicing yoga and meditating with friends, family and friendly strangers. We’ll do it again this year. It’s a great way to begin the day. Folks leave feeling relaxed, peaceful and more alive. They are excited to give the proceeds of their 16th Annual Thanksgiving Yoga to Healing Abuse Working for Change (HAWC) and the Marblehead Counseling Center (MCC).

$35 is the minimum suggested donation—more if you can, less if you can’t. Really. Be generous, and give what your budget will allow. Write a check payable to either organization. Please also bring $5 for space rental to support Saint Andrew’s Church. You’ll need your own props. You don’t need to RSVP. Drop-ins are very welcome.

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ABT Yoga includes students and teachers of all levels. Their motto is “We learn compassion as we dissolve our personal version of the world, and grow gentle eyes that are not afraid to see reality as it is. We learn compassion as we do simple acts of kindness.” ABT Yoga is a long-time supporter of HAWC, as they have been donating the proceeds of their Saturday morning class.

Join them at ABT Yoga’s 7th annual 9am Thanksgiving Day Yoga Class for HAWC

Kindness in Action as we raise money and awareness for HAWC.

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