vol picThe values and tactics of domestic violence are identical to oppression. Therefore we need to confront oppression in order to eliminate domestic violence.











This week 6 volunteers and 3 staff completed HAWC’s 45 hour anti-oppression domestic violence training which teaches about our multicultural, diverse and inclusive services. This training aims to educate participants on societal oppression and privileges that are happening around us everyday. One particular myth the training speaks to ‘is that anyone can succeed if they just work hard enough’. This theory totally denies the impact of oppressions and/or privileges on a person’s chance for success, and pretends that every individual, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc., has the same access to the rights, benefits and responsibilities of society. The training continues to discuss topics such as racism, LGBTQ, and immigration these sessions among others are designed to educate staff, volunteers and interns about their own bias and privileges. The sessions also cover advocacy tools such as active listening, high risk assessment, and safety along with HAWC services. HAWC offers the training three times a year February, June and September. All applicants must complete an application which can be downloaded from our website and come in for an interview. The screening process starts with our application and follows through our training. Not all applicants who complete an interview or complete our training will continue on as a volunteer. We have high standards for all our volunteers as they will be supporting individuals through very difficult situations.