24-Hour Hotline

Take the first step towards a life free from violence and fear by calling HAWC's 24-Hour Hotline

Anyone seeking information, support, shelter, or legal services can call HAWC. However, if you are in immediate danger, call 911. To understand if what you’re experiencing is abuse, share your story, schedule an in-person appointment, or start making a safety plan, call 1-800-547-1649 and connect with a trained volunteer or staff member today.

We know that reaching out for help can feel overwhelming. To help ease your anxiety and hesitation about calling HAWC, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Break the ice

When you call our hotline, remind yourself that this is the first small step towards achieving the violence-free, happy life and healthy relationships you deserve! HAWC’s hotline is completely confidential and anonymous, and no one will force you to take any steps that you are uncomfortable with. We are committed to providing supportive, non-judgmental service to anyone experiencing domestic abuse.

Review the essentials

While HAWC trains volunteers and staff members extensively, each domestic abuse survivor has a unique story. There are many ways to describe your situation and help HAWC understand your needs, including describing concerns you’ve had about this relationship, recalling a recent altercation, or providing HAWC with a timeline of your relationship. If you are unsure whether you’re experiencing abuse, this can help HAWC help you better assess your situation. Sharing your story can feel scary, but HAWC’s hotline promises you patience and understanding above all else.


Once HAWC understands your situation, you can begin making plans. Volunteers and staff at HAWC’s hotline can help you schedule in-person appointments at HAWC, make future safety plans, connect with other resources in your area, or learn how to better communicate with your support network. There is always more than one solution, and HAWC can help you determine which path is right without pushing you to take any steps you might be uncomfortable with.

Continue the conversation

After calling HAWC, you might have questions or feel more comfortable discussing something that you weren’t ready to share earlier. HAWC is always available to answer questions about domestic abuse, unhealthy relationships, and safety.