Support Groups

One of the best ways to cope with a violent relationship is to connect with others facing similar issues.

In your path towards healing, knowing you are not alone is important. Through HAWC’s support groups, anyone who is experiencing or has experienced abuse can interact with other survivors in a nurturing, open, and confidential environment. HAWC believes that respect, safety, and empathy can lead all support group participants to feel empowered, resilient, and strong in the face of demeaning or life-threatening relationships.

HAWC’s support groups welcome survivors from any point in the path towards progress, even if you are unsure of your next step or feel that your next step involves remaining with your abuser. The wide variety of support offered at all of HAWC’s offices and HAWC’s shelter throughout the year last for ten to 12 weeks. Participants discuss many topics depending on the group’s needs, and groups in other languages can be provided as needed.