There are many reasons why people Walk/Run for HAWC


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Why I Walk for HAWC

Sergeant Sheila McDade, Peabody Police Department

I’ve been walking for HAWC since 1999. I walk because I witnessed domestic violence as a child and survived it as an adult.








“While my mother-in-law was in hospice, she recounted memories of seeing her father murder her mother as a young girl.I walk for all children who witness and experience abuse in their household.” Anonymous

” In a relationship that made me feel insecure, afraid, and isolated, I left and never looked back. Sharing my experience with a friend, I was judged. This year, I decided Run for HAWC to empower those who are not yet able to make a change and let them know I understand but more importantly to educate those who don’t” Anonymous


Family and Friends of Kim Pelusi




“Since 2001 our family has walked for HAWC in memory of our beloved Kimberly Jo Pelusi, who was beaten to death by her boyfriend. We are truly a family team connected to each other and especially connected to Kim during our Walk for HAWC. We’ve walked in the heat, cold and rain because no discomfort compares to what Kim went through. Our commitment to the Walk for HAWC is especially strong this year; not because it’s HAWC’s 20th anniversary, but because Kim’s sisters will be in Las Vegas on May 6. Yet, they’re collecting their donations and when our team steps off in Salem, they will walk 5 miles around Las Vegas wearing their “In Memory of Kim Pelusi” T shirts.”

Carole Hunter, North Shore Community College


“I  volunteered on the hotline every Monday night for five years. Seeing families so thankful for everything they received would encourage anyone to walk! Moved by survivor stories, I decided to form RAV, Resources Against Violence, at North Shore Community College. As RAV created awareness of the issue of domestic violence, I witnessed students and staff disclosed they too had experienced abuse.

This year I am a member of the NSCC WALK for HAWC committee and am also a Walk for HAWC Ambassador for the town of Topsfield. I have met with the Tri Town Council and they have organized a team of students.


I run because he said I wasn’t capable of anything.
I run for every time he called me idiot or moron.
I run for every time he put his hands on me and made me feel weak and afraid.
I run for every time he made me feel or told me I was ugly.
I run because he told me nobody loved me.
I run because he told me I was better off dead.
I run because they tried to take those years from me .
I run because I now know I’m strong and capable of anything.
I run so people will no longer blame the victim.
I run so no young girl or woman will ever have to go through what so many of us women did.
I run so my daughter will never have to experience what I did.
I run so other women know they are not alone ..
I run to help end the vicious cycle of violence ..


Family Law Staff Attorney

I walk… for my clients and their children who walk everywhere because they cannot afford groceries and bus fare or gas when the ex-spouse evades child support obligations.

Deb Tierney, School Counselor at Saint John’s Prep

For the last five years I have been walking for HAWC because stopping unhealthy relationships is one of the most important social actions of our society. As an educator, I love to keep my students involved in awakening the positive outcomes of helping others.

Veronica Silva

I’m 17 years old. I have been walking for HAWC for the past 5 years. I walk to give a voice and show people who are abused that we are here for them.